Cristina Hanson

Partner | Educator

Cristina spent the first half of her career working with public radio and television stations to embrace change and turn outward to be more connected to their communities.  After 20 years of helping non-profits, Cristina has shifted her mission to helping clients understand and embrace change in their financial lives and discover new strategies for money management.  She is passionate about educating people on how to change their perspective and embrace new ways of looking at their work, life, and wealth. 

Cristina enjoys spending her spare time with husband Dean and their two daughters, Greta and Ava.  When she's not working you'll find her shuttling Greta to dance practice or taking Ava to an art museum.  Cristina was born and raised in Lake Mills and enjoys visiting her extended family and friends there often.  She enjoys indulging in her midwestern roots; watching the Packers, big family gatherings, feeding people and a can-do attitude.  Lately, you'll find her volunteering for Angel's Wish, a non-profit pet adoption and rescue center, fostering kittens.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Cristina is not a registered representative of The O.N. Equity Sales Company.

Phone 608-497-3323